Freedom Lives Here

Thrivival is a metaphysical place, manifested through visionary activism in the hearts and minds of kindred spirits dedicated to fulfilling PACTS—Purposeful Acts of Consciousness, Truth, and Sovereignty. Welcome to the grand festival of life; we meet at the zero point.

We cordially summon you to land safely with us in the here and now.


Noun: Thri-vee-val
Pronounce all three syllables with passion, like a romance language!

  1. A safe place to land.
  2. A gathering, guild, or circle of like minds connecting to practice PACTS: Purposeful Acts of Consciousness, Truth, and Sovereignty.
  3. An opportunity to expand, prosper, and flourish abundantly through conscientious exploration, collaboration, and creativity.

Note the word “viva,” from the Latin “to live,” meaning “long live” in sayings like “vive la différence” or “viva la carnival,” and exclaimed as a cheer, “Viva!” in Brazil.

Similar: Festival, Carnival, Revival


Do you think and feel deeply? Set sail with us on a metaphysical adventure to ponder all aspects of multi-dimensional reality—from grounding down to fully perceive and embody the earthly elements, to rising up to the intangible realms of creativity, spirituality, infinity, eternity, and unity—all in the here and now.


Do you dream of a more inspired life? Join us at our gatherings, guilds, and circles to connect with kindred spirits and like minds. Together, we will spark imagination, explore ideas, share inspiration, and expand exponentially—locally in person or online from afar.