Ascending Dimensions


Symbolized by the octahedron, aligned with the third eye chakra, and governing the universal Law of Correspondence, Air integrates consciousness with physical reality.

Perceived through the ego, Air is the emotional levity that empowers us to ascend dimensions—i am that I AM.

“The all are the One.”

Any kind of linear thinking is doomed to remain trapped on the surface of life. But if we experience our minds as multidimensional, we get closer to God’s mind, which is all dimensional.
Deepak Chopra

Author, How to Know God


Ascending Dimensions,

Defining Success

How do you define Success? As personal comfort? Career advancement? Wealth? Power? Happiness? In 1959, after seventeen years of intensive research, Earl Nightingale, the man credited with founding the self-help movement, arrived at a profound definition.