Igniting Creativity


Symbolized by the tetrahedron, aligned with the sacral chakra, and governing the universal Law of Gender, Fire ignites our powers of creativity.

Expressed through art and sexuality, Fire inspires us to engage our imaginations with passionate enthusiasm.

Like light, creativity, and communication, fire is a contagious energy that ignites collective values and embodies abundance by expanding through sharing. Fire gathers us to warmth and companionship. It soothes and mesmerizes us, in dancing flourishes of flame and swirling smoke.

To our ancestors, at the centre of every camp and village, fire gave warmth in the coldness, light in the darkness, and nourishing sustenance daily. Most importantly, fire invoked the great, intangible lesson that sharing it by extending it to others, rather than diminishing the quantity or quality of the fire, actually created more and ensured that the vital resource would not be extinguished.



Igniting Creativity,

The Dragon Book

The Dragon Book is a work of fiction in progress, intended to both reflect and inspire a new reality. The time for dystopian stories has passed. We need a utopian story, a story to focus us optimistically on what could be—this is a conscious act of Visionary Activism.