We humbly invite you to cross over the narrow bridge, through the mist, and enter through the gate to sit with us at the centre of the realm of Thrivival, in the warmth of a communal fire. Together, we gather to pledge enduring PACTS—Powerful Acts of Consciousness, Truth, and Sovereignty. Freedom lives here.

Powerful, Purposeful Acts of Consciousness, Truth, and Sovereignty

I pledge to:

Practice the Power of awareness and Purposeful intention…though ignorance may be bliss and inaction is more comfortable.

Act like a master…though I feel insignificant.

Consciously focus on the positive…despite seeing negativity all around me.

Courageously express my Truth…even when it differs from everyone else’s.

Confidently stand in my Sovereignty as the expansive spiritual being that I know I AM…even if I stand alone.

Me, Myself, and I
(i am that I AM)


verb: pledge

  1. Commit by a solemn promise.
    (My own personal promise  with my Higher Self.)
  2. Give as security for the fulfillment of a contact.
    (A spiritual contract.)
  3. Drink to the health of.
    (In the spirit of celebrating now.)
  4. Promise to join.
    (With kindred spirits, known and unknown.)

Tips for Practicing PACTS

  • Find the zero point between breaths (seek and ye shall find).
  • Stay in neutrality (resist not evil).
  • Observe quietly (be the witness).
  • Rise above (be in this world, not of it).

Life is a master class in transforming limitation into freedom.


Nov 29, 2018, (time: 24.26), Awaking Universe, Darryl Anka Channeling Bashar, A Light Being

~ Mary Magdalene, in live channel with Lori Ladd, Jul 13, 2021

You are here to be the shining example of shifting or levitating out of fear. Your sovereignty is the greatest gift that you experience when you are in the human journey. Sovereignty is your freedom. Sovereignty is your ticket into that golden age we speak of, which is right here, right now, as you continue to trust that there is so much more available than the storm clouds of fear or control.

Stay strong in your sovereignty; do not perpetuate a divide. 

Your truth, your voice, your knowingness is the most powerful gift you have…. Your absolute truth; the truth of who you are; the truth of how you want to be, how you want to live.

The voice as your expression; to no longer be silenced; to no longer pretend; to no longer do what others ask you to do when it no longer resonates with you.

The human collective needs you to stand up first, to stand in your sovereignty first; to speak your truth first.