Ignite Your Creativity Course

An idea sparks. Creativity ignites. Success blazes.

Has your creativity flourished or stagnated? Are you ready to re-ignite it?

We are naturally creative spiritual beings. We create careers, products, solutions, and businesses. We create homes, families, foods, and traditions. We create successes, problems, connections, and divisions. Humankind has created masterpieces of art, architecture, technology, and philosophy. But, on a daily basis, how aware are you of your powers of creation?

You have the power to create the life you want. It starts with your imagination….

Together, we’ll explore…

Your Dreams



Your Self-Image


Your Gifts


Your Voice


The 11-week Ignite Your Creativity course will rekindle your imagination, spiritual connection, and creative vision, through enjoyable, inspiring artistic activities, in a relaxed, encouraging setting.

  • Week 1: Mindfulness – Journaling
  • Week 2: Focus – Colouring with Zen Patterns
  • Week 3: Image-Making – Acrostic Poetry
  • Week 4: Perspective – Drawing with a Grid
  • Week 5: Connecting – Meditation with Meditation Beads
  • Week 6: Imagination – Collage with Vision Board
  • Week 7: Decision – Autobiography in Six Short Chapters
  • Week 8: Expectation – Goal Cards
  • Week 9: Expression – Manifesto with Word Art
  • Week 10: Perseverance – 2-Minute Speech
  • Week 11: Release – Celebration

A wonderful course that brings spirituality, gratitude, peace and creativity to your life!

Julie Hause

Winter 2017 Course Participant

Ignite your Creativity sparked a fire within! It stoked a powerful and deeper understanding of how we can thrive as the creative souls we are meant to be. Deb's abundant collection of material, conversation starters and hand's-on activities certainly transformed our group of wisdom seekers!

Celeste Alles

Winter 2017 Course Participant, The Wild Folk

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The 11-week Ignite Your Creativity course typically runs January - April yearly.
The 9-week Seven Universal Laws course typically runs April - June yearly.