Like several other posts in the GRIT Series, I started this one during the Canadian trucker protest at the beginning of 2022, but felt too discombobulated at the time to complete and publish it. I seem to be completing everything at a snail’s pace these days and I got stuck on this one for way too long. Such are the energies. Here are my thoughts after the fact….

At the beginning of 2022, the Canadian trucker convoy and protest hit close to home for me—in ways that it did not appear to for many Canadians:

First, as I divulged in my You’ve Got GRIT post, they are publicly demonstrating on my behalf, against government mandates and for their and my right to choose. I believe everyone is born with the inalienable right to decide what happens to our bodies, including what we put into it or choose not to put into it.

Second, I tend to equate the truck driver persona with my Papa—my grandfather who passed away in 2016. He was a transport truck driver for many years, travelling the length and breadth of North America. My Papa definitely had GRIT: courage, resolve, and strength of character. I can’t help but wonder what he would have thought of the trucker convoy and protests. Out of nostalgia, I re-read the post I dedicated to my Papa, A Life Well Lived, with the ‘top 10 lessons I learned from my Papa,’ which I shared at his funeral. It occurred to me how well these life lessons spoke to everyone involved in the crisis in my country’s capital city of Ottawa.

GRIT: Go Right Into Trepidation

Aligned with Gravity; GRIT grounds us down, breaking down negative connections.

“When I resolutely face my discomfort, my fear disintegrates—my resistance dissolves.”

PLUCK: Purposeful Luck

Aligned with Levity, PLUCK raises us up, building up positive connections.

“When I intently focus on my purpose, my luck aligns—my possibilities harmonize.”

Initially, the impetus for the trucker convoy alluded me—I assumed they had collectively finally lost patience with lingering restrictions and decided to act. Mainstream media chose to focus on the drama of the protest far more than the reasoning for it. Eventually, I realized that the Canadian federal government imposed the vaccine mandate for the trucking industry on January 15, 2022, decreeing that unvaccinated Canadian truckers re-entering Canada from the United States must “meet requirements for pre-entry, arrival and Day 8 testing, as well as quarantine requirements.” 

One only need consider that truck drivers deliver goods, sometimes perishable goods, on tight timelines based on contractual obligations, to recognize that it is not reasonable to ask them to quarantine for 8 days after every trip. Therefore, realistically, any unvaccinated truck drivers would lose their ability to do their jobs, which is of course to deliver goods ‘vital’ to the Canadian and American economies.

The timing of this new mandate perplexed me—why impose it now, right at the time when several provinces had already announced plans to lift restrictions, throughout Canada the crisis appeared to be resolving, and more and more countries had already completely lifted covid restrictions, including vaccine passports? Not to mention that it has become clearer daily that the covid shot is completely ineffective at preventing transmission, particularly of the new variants. 

To me, and apparently to the truckers, this new mandate did not make sense—and that’s the aspect of Covid measures that I have found extremely difficult. Far too often, the answers to ‘why’ have not made sense to me. I’m no ‘yes man’—I’ve always needed to know the ‘why’ in…well…everything. I need to understand the logic and reasoning behind anything I’m asked to do before I find myself capable of doing it. And, when I receive an answer, I prefer to verify it for myself. And when I can’t verify it—when it seems illogical to me, or I find conflicting information, I put on the brakes.

Requirements for truckers entering Canada in effect as of January 15, 2022
From: Public Health Agency of Canada

As announced in November and as we’ve communicated with the industry recently, starting January 15, unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers entering Canada will need to meet requirements for pre-entry, arrival and Day 8 testing, as well as quarantine requirements.

The final decision regarding entry and quarantine is made by a government representative at the port of entry, based on the information presented to them at the time.

Any individual who is symptomatic upon arrival to Canada will be directed to a Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) official and will be directed to isolate for 10 days from the time they enter Canada.

Interestingly, when the men and women who transport goods across North America on our behalf couldn’t understand the ‘why,’ they did the opposite—they hit the gas pedal, joining together to form a line of transport trucks that got longer and longer, heading across Canada. Initially, the energy of the line felt alive with positivity, building momentum as it approached Ontario and they fulfilled their motto to ‘keep on truckin.’ I likened this flowing energy to the Water Tiger energy I described in my post, Happy Lunar New Year 2022! The Year of Supple Strength. 2022 is the year of the ‘Water Tiger’; water tiger energy flows with grace and power along the path of least resistance. This energy feels very different from the 2021 ‘Metal Ox’ energy; metal ox energy felt like shouldering the yoke of a heavy burden, straining against the weight of it, unable to move forward.

The convoy’s arrival in Ottawa felt victorious and encouraged millions of people to join in what looked like a Canada Day celebration. Canadian news media and our leaders spun the event negatively while the rest of the world appeared to me to see the truckers as a beacon of light and hope. But then the weekend ended and the truckers stayed…while their Prime Minister left. Officials refused to meet with them. The truckers engaged their emergency brakes and stated that they would not leave until they were heard and the mandates were lifted. 

The positive energy associated with the forward momentum of the moving convoy ground to a halt. The ‘water tiger’ energy stagnated back into the ‘metal ox’ energy, fuelled by government leaders seemingly determined to escalate the situation through force of will like bulls in a china shop. I personally could not get past this statement by the Ontario Premier in a press conference: “While these emergency orders will be temporary, we have every intention of bringing legislation forward that will make these measures permanent in law.” If this statement does not give you serious cause for concern, you are completely asleep at the wheel.

At the time, I messaged a friend the following:

And here’s what really concerns me with this situation: The only way the government can justify a state of emergency is if there is a situation that justifies the need to strip citizens of their freedoms. The only way the government can justify ‘emergency orders’ is if there is a state of chaos and anarchy. The representatives for the truckers have stated repeatedly that they will not isight violence—they will not create that disorder—so far, their protest in Ottawa has been peaceful and orderly. 

So, the only way to create the chaos that justifies ‘bringing legislation forward that will make these measures permanent’ is for the government to insight it themselves. What if they’re all pawns?—the truckers, the protesters, and the law enforcement officers—all pawns in the scheme to justify infringing upon our constitutional rights permanently and dismantle democracy in Canada?

And so, I also got stuck in it—sucked into the drama and indignation. Frustrated and discomforted—simply wanting the situation to dissolve away—unable to even complete a simple blog post about it. I understood why the truckers stayed and I respected them for it while at the same time desperately wishing they could simply drive away. But, putting on the brakes and refusing to budge is the only way to drive home the point. Our government champions the rights of people in far-away countries like India to protest, as long as it doesn’t inconvenience us. Yet, they declare a state of emergency based on inconveniencing a small segment of the population of the people of Ottawa. Freedom is not a gift given at the convenience of a generous government, freedom is an inalienable right.



  1. Unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor.


inviolable, absolute, sacrosanct, unchallengeable, unassailable, untransferable, nontransferable, nonnegotiable, inherent, imprescriptible, indefeasible

It is a right that we have taken for granted and are now in danger of losing as a result. Causing inconvenience is the point; pushing back is the point. How else will we be heard? And it is all very uncomfortable—it takes GRIT. But, then I realised, this is where the rubber hits the road—this is where we do the real work. We do not ascend in consciousness when we feel comfortable, we ascend through sitting within and truly feeling the difficult, uncomfortable feelings—the negative emotions, the grief, and the trauma. Bringing it all to the surface, shining a light on the shadow, and allowing it all to move through us. The key is not to get stuck in it—the key is to keep on truckin’. 

We’re working with the ascended master collective, especially archangel michaels and gabriels. I welcome them:

We will speak as one voice through this channel. What we concern most about on the earth plane is that there is a great deal of focus on the doing for some inevitable return because, while the focus has turned to service, sometimes the ego within a soul is still tuned to the idea that the service will be recognized or that there is some condition that must be meant in order for the service to be fulfilled. Yet, sometimes it is not the physical results of the effort that is actually making the impact, it is the vibration that you are in while you are doing that is sent out to the world as the inspiration that touches the souls of many.

AAE tv | Hopeful Observations | The Council of Light | Micheila Sheldan | 2.12.22

Feb 12, 2022, at 37:43 minutes

The truckers are fulfilling their purpose and I am fulfilling mine. In the end, we don’t do it because it’s easy or lucrative. We do it because we feel passionately driven to do it regardless of the risks or rewards. Because in those moments—the ones that require GRIT—I feel grounded. I feel centred. I feel a sense of mastery. And that is true freedom.

* Excerpt from The Dragon Book

Those of you still interested in linear history may notice the significance of this year—one hundred years after 2020—the year of ‘20/20 vision,’ or so they called it in hindsight; at the time, it seemed anything but. Yet, it was the year that changed everything for our planet, Gaia, and all the beings inhabiting her. I turned 11 that year—it was the year that I met my horse, Peter, and Dragon, and the year that changed everything for me too.

I met Peter first, on my 11th birthday and his 6th birthday. He arrived at the stable where I took riding lessons, as a surprise gift from my great-uncle—a gift with chains attached.

My mind floats back to my 11th year—a year so filled with trauma that I still shake my head in amazement when I do choose to contemplate it. Today, I can do so without emotion; it has become simply a story for me—one of many interesting, dramatic, and sometimes tragic tales from my long past. Yet, it’s the story that brought me here so, perhaps, just perhaps, it is worth telling….


I stand in my mother’s bedroom as the August sun sets through the open window, watching her rummage through a dresser drawer, and ask, “What are you doing?”

“Nana’s sick. Auntie and I are going to be with her on Manitoulin Island,” she replies distractedly as she skirts around me, filling a small suitcase that lays open across her bed.

“I want to come too. I want to see Nana,” I reply anxiously.

“It’s too long a trip for you, Hannah.”

“No, it’s not! Please…!”

“No,” she states flatly.

“So, you’re just leaving me here by myself?”

“Your uncle’s here.”

“He works all day. He doesn’t know how to take care of me. He can’t even cook!”

“The fridge has leftovers. You know how to fry eggs and there’s cans of soup in the pantry with those pull-off lids—you don’t even have to use the can-opener. You’re eleven now—you’re old enough to use the stove. Besides, he’ll probably just take you out for dinner.”

“What about lunch?! How many cans of soup are there? How long will you be gone?”

“Probably a week.”

“Are there enough cans of soup for a week?”

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t want to stay here.”

“Why not? You and Unkie will be fine. He’ll spoil you.”

“I don’t want to be spoiled. I want to go with you.”

“No. There’s no place for you,” my mother states bluntly, completely absorbed in her packing.

I storm back to my own room and slam the door behind me.

No place for me.… The statement cuts into me. I’ve felt the sting of it many times, though my mother has never actually said it before. My dad moved away when I was too little to remember him and my parents only got together in the first place because my mom got pregnant with me. My mom’s always wanted to be an actress but it hasn’t worked out so far. We moved in with her aunt and uncle a couple years ago so she can leave me with them to go to auditions and work. The auditions are always in Toronto, over an hour away, so when she goes there, she usually stays overnight with one of her acting friends.

Mostly, my mom works as a waitress at a fancy restaurant that’s open late at night so, between that and her auditions, I don’t see her much and I think she prefers it that way. To tell the truth, I like being with my great-auntie better than my mom anyway. But, today, the thought of staying here for a week, alone with my great-uncle, makes me fidget with discomfort.

Nevertheless, early the next morning, I sit up in bed and pull aside the curtain just in time to see an SUV pull out of the driveway. My mom and great-aunt have left—without saying goodbye. And so, the words ‘there’s no place for you’ would become the last words my mother ever spoke to me.

Happy Lunar New Year 2022! The Year of Supple Strength