A while back, I noticed several instances of the phrase “I self-identify as…” on social media—used by people to define themselves based on set categories associated with gender, race, profession, etc. I felt a sense of resistance to this “self-identification” because I personally see us as all the same—individualized spirits who are parts of One Source. I pondered how I “self-identify”. I define myself (and you) using this statement:

I AM an eternal spiritual being who has chosen to have this temporary physical experience for the purpose of growing in faith, awareness, and the ability to love unconditionally.


  • An eternal spiritual being.
    I AM a spirit, a soul, that will never die.
    I will live forever.
  • Who has chosen to have this temporary physical experience
    I am currently inhabiting this physical body temporarily.
    I chose to have this physical experience; above all, I have free will.
    When I leave this body, I will likely choose to incarnate in another physical body, based on karma and my free will.
  • For the purpose of growing
    Everything changes, the universe continues to expand.
    We came into this physical body for the purpose of experiencing life from a new perspective, to grow and expand in consciousness.
  • In faith,
    Faith in what? Faith in myself, my abilities, and power.
  • Awareness, and
    Awareness of what? Of my own power, of how the universe works, and how I can participate more fully in it.
  • The ability to love unconditionally
    We came from Love and, ultimately, our purpose is to return to Love.
    Every experience, every lesson, we have chosen to have in this life is ultimately intended to teach us to love unconditionally.
    Including loving ourselves unconditionally.
    Loving unconditionally incorporates Forgiving ourselves and others, and feeling Gratitude for everything.

Nosce Te Ipsum

Latin for 'Know thyself'.

“...[this] Greek aphorism may have been adopted from Ancient Egypt: there are two parts of the ancient Luxor Temple, the External Temple, where the beginners were allowed to enter and the Internal Temple where a person was only allowed to enter after proven worthy and ready to acquire more knowledge and insights. One of the proverbs of the External Temple is "The body is the house of God." In the Internal Temple, one of the many proverbs is "Man, know thyself, and you are going to know the gods".”

Source: Wikipedia