We get raw dairy from biodynamically raised heritage breed cows from a local cow share. Real, unprocessed, raw milk naturally sours in about a week in the fridge. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we don’t drink it before it sours. Unlike pasteurized milk that just goes rancid and must be tossed, raw soured milk is still good and very healthful. So, what to do with it? Here’s an easy process for making delicious cream cheese.

We love to mix our cream cheese with organic cinnamon and local raw honey—the result has powerful healing properties and is just darn delicious.

To make cream cheese, I leave the sour milk out on the counter overnight. In the morning, we will have “clabbered” milk, separated into chucks of curd and whey. Now, simply strain it through cheesecloth to separate the curd from the whey. The curd becomes the cream cheese.

Save the whey for use in lactic-acid fermented veggies.