The month of May has always been extremely busy for us. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, tax deadlines, and the start of gardening season all converge. Gardening, which should be a top priority, often gets relegated until June or even July. In the meantime, our yard turns into a veritable jungle of weeds before we can wrap our heads around finding the time to dig in.

This year, to add to the chaotic state of our property, we decided to abandon our front vegetable garden in favour of a smaller, more manageable raised garden bed. The large empty garden required tilling, weeding, levelling and finally seeding. Preparing the new area where we intended to place the smaller raised garden bed required moving two large boulders. A momentous effort.

Yesterday, I lamented having committed to additional events on the weekend and thought, oh, how are we ever going to get a handle on the gardens? This morning, we were awakened at the crack of dawn by the sound of large machinery. Our neighbour had hired landscapers to complete work on his property. They arrived complete with a flatbed truck of heavy equipment.

Around 10am, I looked outside and noticed the workmen sitting on the flatbed truck, idle. I decided to mosey on out to casually inquire in a friendly, nosey-neighbour kind of way. They reciprocated by telling me that their shipment of grass seed had not arrived. Until it did, they were stuck.

“Well, I ventured…would you like to complete some work for me in the meantime?” To my great joy, they agreed…and for a cash price that made my heart sing. I returned to work indoors and left them to their own devices. I didn’t want to push their generosity! Later, the doorbell rang and I assumed there were there to ask me if I wanted them to proceed with the work. Instead, I feasted my eyes upon a perfectly level piece of bare soil where my weed-filled garden had stood a half-hour before!

Their front-end loader made quick work of moving the large boulders and they carefully placed them to best advantage in my garden, offering me advice along the way. In one short hour, they completed work that would have taken us an entire weekend. I thanked them repeatedly and felt a weight lift—and they appeared sincerely pleased to have been of service to us. To top if off, I found a new bag of grass seed in the back corner of our shed and completed spreading it just as the first drops of rain fell.

The universe conspires to fulfill our needs abundantly—when we remove the barriers to receiving, we experience serendipity, synchronicity, accelerated progress, and unexpected gifts—enjoy them!

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7