Monday, October 12, 2015

On Thanksgiving Monday, our family enjoyed a glorious walk from our home, along the Grand River Trail system, following Cox Creek to the Grand River and then along the Grand River to Buggy Lane, close to West Montrose’s historic Covered Bridge. The route takes us through a hardwood forest, then across a meadow, then into a cedar forest—all beautiful in their own light. In the past, we hadn’t ventured as far as the cedar forest but our youngest daughter, Tessa, is now big enough for more strenuous hikes.

Within the cedar forest, we discovered a secret treasure trove in the form of an ice cream tub, perched in the branches of a tree. Out of curiosity, we retrieved it and opened it up. Inside, we found a note congratulating us for finding the treasure, a list of names of other people who had found it dating back to 2014, and a collection of little treasures with the instructions that we could take a treasure with us, if we left a different one behind. We desperately wanted to sign our names to the list but the tub did not contain a pencil or pen and we hadn’t brought one along. But, we did happen to have a treasure with us—a little rubber cat that was hanging from the zipper of our snack sack (Tessa doesn’t travel anywhere without a snack)—so we left the treasure to make ourselves known to the next group curious enough to retrieve the tub from the tree.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The next weekend, the beautiful Fall weather and bright leaves beckoned us back the same way. As I quickly packed a snack (see previous reference regarding the importance of the snack on any family outing), I remembered the need to pack a pencil. But, alas, in the bustle to get onto the trail, I forgot again and, before I re-remembered, we had set out far enough to make turning back for one too inconvenient.

I made the mistake of voicing my disappointment about the pencil aloud, much to the chagrin of us all at witnessing Tessa’s dramatic reaction and insistence that we could not go on without one. After some persuading, with such assumedly empty promises as “perhaps we’ll find one there this time,” we continued on.

Despite my references to witnessing some creative manifesting in the past (see past posts), it never occurred to me to outright ask the universe for a pencil. But, I suppose, in a rather unforthright way, I actually had voiced a request for one by suggesting that we may “find one there this time”.

Our walk takes us past a delightful picnic spot at the edge of the Grand River, created by the owners of the farm by which the trail passes. Complete with a picnic table and chairs shaded by willow trees, a campfire pit, and a bridge across to a small island, this spot provides the perfect location to stop for our snack.

This time, we enjoyed our snack sitting on a fallen log on the little island, before continuing along the trail and into the cedar forest. On this final leg of our journey, we eagerly rediscovered the secret treasure tub and peered inside. The items in it had indeed changed, indicating we were not alone in our treasure-seeking. We deposited another treasure into it, and this time Tessa took one out to keep at home until we returned it on our next hike. But, alas, still no pencil to write our names.

We returned the same way we had come. And, again, we lingered awhile at the special picnic spot. This time, I meandered over to the edge of the water to take in the view of the Grand. A bright, shiny object half-buried in the grass at my feet caught my eye. I knelt down to identify it and realized it was a bright pink, new mechanical pencil…in Tessa’s favourite colour. I could have found the pencil on our way to the treasure tub…but I wasn’t looking for it.

Every thought we think consciously or unconsciously sends a request out into the universe. The key for us then, is to: first, become aware of our requests and ensure we only request good things based on positive thoughts, not bad things based on negative worries; second, once we consciously make a request, to proceed with the full expectation that it awaits us.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:25

Expect it.