My eight-year-old daughter has a WonderWoman costume. Alas, it doesn’t fit me. But, I like to play dress-up in my mind. I imagine that I AM WonderWoman. I believe that I AM powerful. So powerful, that I can move physical things with my mind. I can manifest my reality. It’s fun to play….

The other day, I enjoyed remembering the experience of visiting a friend’s home and listening to music on their high-tech stereo with powerful speakers. The music created an intense impression. But, 25-years later, I could not remember the name of the album, the artist, nor recite a line from the lyrics. I felt frustrated. I wanted to listen to that music again—to see if it evoked the same intense impression. 

In my frustration, I stated loudly (though inside my head): “Universe, I command that this artist and music come to me by 10am tomorrow morning.” I was actually a bit bossy and demanding about it! Then, I promptly forgot about it and continued actively working on other tasks.

The next morning, in the course of some spring cleaning and reorganizing, I attempted to re-install the door on a closet in our storage room, in which I had stored a large CD rack full of old CDs. Through the process (which involved some brute force), I accidentally sent a shelf of CDs flying. They scattered across the floor.

I picked the CDs up quickly—at this point, I was running late. I turned to my left to pick up the last CD and, there on the floor, all by itself, I saw it and instantly recognized it: the music that I had listened to so many years ago. I had completely forgotten about my request so it came as a complete surprise. Coincidence? I think not.

In reality, I am WonderWoman and you are SuperMan—disguised as Diana Prince and Clark Kent. But, we’ve forgotten who we truly are. Playing dress-up—allowing ourselves to experience life from a light-hearted sense of playfullness—takes off the pressure.

The very first principle stated in A Course in Miracles says:

“The first principle of miracles is that there is no order of difficulty among them. One is not ‘harder’ or ‘bigger’ than another. They are all the same.”

We know, theoretically, that “we have to believe it to see it”. Yet, in our current state, we could sometimes use a little reassurance—a little bit of “seeing it” to support our “believing it”. These small “games” build our confidence. Try it for yourself!

The WonderWoman Formula:

  1. Clearly state the desire in words as a command.
  2. Feel emotion associated with the request.
  3. Include a deadline in the statement.
  4. Release the expectation—it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t happen—think of it as simply a game.
  5. Forget about it. 
  6. Actively engage in other pursuits.
  7. Feel the sense of surprise and wonder when your desire manifests in the most unexpected way!